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The old order must give way to the new, is something we have heard as an axiom. But in today’s world, the old is being replaced by new at a pace quite unprecedented. We have known that Change is the only thing that is constant; but what is constant is itself getting redefined continuously! Management gurus have variously referred to this phenomenon as VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Disruption is the new norm.

We are witnessing disruption in all spheres of life, across the world, and even in climate & weather conditions! In business, we have seen what a Reliance Jio can do to competition with its disruptive approach to product & service offers; or the impact of Uber & Ola on local commuting. In the Geo-Political arena, we have BREXIT, and the new Trump Administration; our own Economy has seen an unprecedented Demonetization and Re-monetization initiative that will impact the way we transact in future; A Fiscal Budget 2017-18, that combined the Railway budget for the first time. Even film villains are now spelling box-office success in latest movies; and the move towards Protectionism and De-globalisation, to say the least.

While Technology is even enabling such disruptions, Business Models are being re-cast;
Society is grappling with a spurt in violence and issues relating to intolerance; Family and Marital relationships are dwindling to precarious levels of brittleness; Organisations are innovating to find new meaning in work, and in employee engagement; Government is ringing-in the new with radical and new policies, reforms and directions in Governance, and Social Organisations are becoming more visible and vocal in raising public awareness. The HR function in Organisations ishaving to continuously identify new and varied opportunities for the Business to thrive, in such a tumultuous scenario.

So, is Disruption Positive or Negative? Will there be invisible opportunities for Businesses to take a step jump, and catapult the business to a new high, to a new level? What are the strategies of CEOs to leverage new directions, patterns & trends for their businesses? How are CHROs helping Organisations to respond and manage these mega trends? In all this complexity, what is the state of the individual employee in Organisations? What is the Organisation’s inner engineering to respond to these external dynamics?

These and related issues, which are very exciting and intriguing indeed, will be keenly deliberated through debates, presentations, talk shows and panel discussions at the National Conference of the National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM) on 15-16

September 15 &16

Hotel Taj Coromandel, Chennai





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HR Professionals, Senior Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, People Managers, Academicians, Students