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Business Models
Are Business Models being re-written? How are Strategies being crafted to leverage new patterns & trends? Is Disruption an opportunity or a threat?

Does Technology enable Disruption? Digitization, Automation, Disintermediation and Disruption – are all these synonymous with positive change for Business & Society?  How can Technology aid new business directions?

Government & Society
Government’s bold new thrust on Reforms and Ploicy governing Commerce & Business; Consolidation in the Banking Sector; Introducing GST;  Initiatives like Demonetisation, etc. leading to a cashless economy; Societal trends like Intolerance, brittle family & marital relations; Double Income families; Demographic dividend or nightmare?

Organisation Renewal & Change
What is the inner engineering that Organisarions need to carry out, to respond to these external dynamics? What are the Change Management approaches of companies that have to flex their workforce in response to business cycles?

Individual Employee & TEAMS
In all this external and internal churn, where is the individual employee? What about his/her aspirations & ambitions, and need for growth and development? How is he/she and the team getting engaged by the Organisation & Management? Is the employee getting alienated in all this number crunch”

HR Profession – Transcending Disruption to enable Business
As a Business Enabler, how is HR helping the Business transcend these disruptions? How can HR leverage its professional & domain expertise to help business see disruption as an opportunity to take a step-jump and change the Rules of the game?

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NIPM NATCON 2017 1st Teaser Launch