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Logo: The Windmill represents a major renewable energy, and is particularly relevant in current energy environment in the planet;

It harnesses the wind that is provided by Mother Nature, converts raw wind through kinetic energy into electricity that can power machines and provide utility to mankind;

It is in constant motion, never static, responding to the wind movement around, and is in constant / continuous churn; The Wind symbolizes environment which is characterized by continuous change (winds of change)

The windmill symbolizes continuous response, movement, value-addition & conversion, and life’s restlessness itself.

Conference Theme:

HR is the only renewable energy in the whole gamut of Business and Management. In today’s disruptive business & social environment, organizations need to respond and manage, and it is here that HR leadership can strategize & harness the innate potential that dwells in the human nature.

HR commits itself as a profession to recognize, guide, manage and develop the human energy &  talent on a continuous and clear course for the betterment of the Business and People. By definition, dynamism, positive orientation and growth have to be guiding lights for HR to help steer the Business, Organization & People through opportunities provided by a disruptive environment.

The NATCON 2017 of NIPM will bring together a wealth of Knowledge, Practices, Thought Leadership and Deliberations from across Industry sectors, to provide us with the concepts, tools, techniques and approaches for managing our organizations in these exciting times.

Conference Subthemes

Business ModelsAre Business Models being re-written? How are Strategies being crafted to leverage new patterns & trends? Is Disruption an opportunity or a threat?TechnologyDoes ...